D’ESTRËE was created in 2015. Géraldine Guyot, the designer of the brand, obtained her speciality in Arts in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. As soon as she returns to Paris, she launched D’ESTRËE. Shortly after, Laetitia Lumbroso joined her as business partner.

They design and produce the entire collection in Paris, assembled by highly noted artisans. D’ESTRËE is a brand of high-end hats, classic and modern at the same time, which promotes the wearing of this legendary fashion accessory.

They produce our hats ensuring their excellence and quality by giving room for emotion. Their aspiration/ambition is that our hats can easily adapt to your every expectations while ensuring a high-end quality. This pursuit of excellence is also present in every manufacturing stages such as the first step of creation with design drawings and in our choice of raw materials and partners artisans.

A process that goes hand in hand with attention and care, in which we put our heart and soul.

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