The sacred and the traditional are both part of Mayner's world, as well as a passion for authentic menswear pieces, which he likes to twist and rework. His clothes can be passed on from father to son, escaping the transient nature of designer fashion.

Focusing on a substantial and stylish wardrobe of everyday separates, his debut collection emphasizes comfort and self-expression, underlining the universal appeal of archetypal clothes. Addressing the essentials of a male wardrobe -from a sleeveless trench jacket and a pair of loose jeans to a roomy bomber or draped white t-shirt- he roots his sartorial vision within an appreciation of honesty and sincere clothing, as well as an interest in the finer details. Impeccably tailored and constructed, the designer's clothes are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside, evoking a subtle sense of luxury which must be felt and experienced instead of being seen.

Body language is key for Hed Mayner. The attitude of his guy is confident, but never imposing. Leaving enough freedom to the wearer to take his own stance, he creates unusual garments, which have a realistic and pragmatic depth. Balancing thick and fluid, stiff and soft, hard and gentle, he underlines the importance of his own craft, as well as an inspired take on menswear staples.