According to Greek mythology, once there were sirens living in the high seas. They were fairy creatures, whose bewitching voices and beauty lured sailors to shipwreck on rocks. Sirens are also a metaphor for the alluring and mysterious sea itself. While getting ready for the new season, Anastasia Riabokon and Olesya Kononova were reflecting on the duality of womans nature: the new collection is an ode to the femininity, tenderness and lightness. This is a story about a seductive but unpredictable woman who lives in her own world. Lake designers draw a parallel between undersea world and womans soul, which are equally full of mystery and beauty. 

The core of the collection 

The collection is mostly based on midi dresses. Sea aesthetic can be noticed in every look: whethe it is light silk dresses with open shoulders and back, or drapes and frills resembling wave crests, or the tender textures resembling water ripples, or the colors  from the sunset shade to the hue of sea foam. The very essence of the mood of the collection lies in two types of dresses: one made of transparent organza with prints of blooming corals and seaweed, and a wrap dress  Lake Studios essential garment embroidered with beads. Special attention was paid to demi-couture looks. In Lake Studios debut resort collection designers used lace for the first time. This fabric is also present in the spring-summer collection. Also, the Sirens marks the first use of printed organza. Hand-made embroidery, iconic for the Lake Studio team, keeps evolving: this time it has been done with lurex, spun gold and beads. Cocktail looks, which are made of printed silk, light laces and draped cady silk are complemented with Cartier fine jewelry from the Paris Nouvelle Vague collection. 

Colors and textures 

The colors of the collection are varying shades: from warm milk, powder and light blue hues to saturated marsala, fuchsia and blooming raspberry. Creative team of the brand also used different types of silk  running atlas, transparent georgette and organza combined with textured twill, laces and cady wool. 

Music for the show was created by the New Brain Trio band: these musicians mix acid jazz, jazz rock and electro to create a perfect style which they call future jazz.

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